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James Dugalais

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"Dataviz" is like an origami: both art & science. It has been source of inspiration for Quantyl logo

Some words about me

My name is James Dugalais, founder of Quantyl technologies corp. I’m native French and Canadian. Quantyl is a Canadian company, located in Montreal South shore.

Software developer by heart, I dedicated a large part of my professional life to build high-end softwares where interactive visualization and authoring are predominent (CAD, AEC, DCC etc.). I served industries where user experience is key to interact with complex 3D environments: Large virtual manufactured assemblies like planes, cars, ships, buildings or powerplant.  

I co-founded Seemage SA, a french successful VC-backed startup acquired by Dassault Systemes where I worked with awesome people. Those products are still in use today at industrial scale with small and large customer deployments all over the world (SolidWorks Composer).

Vision about Viz

Non-photorealistic “interactive visualization” is one of the most interesting challenge of computer graphics. How to display and manipulate pieces of information in the most efficient ways? It’s not a direct transposition of our physical world, we have to invent new paradigms to extend our natural human capabilities.

I saw an opportunity to make things different, to enrich what we do and how we do it. One of my bet was the growth of multicore support in mainstream machines. Even in the cloud era, I still strongly believe in the convenient and unrivaled visualization experience on PC.

The first product of this ongoing journey is a professional application that matches what I envisioned for my own use: Quantyl Discovery.

James Dugalais.