Most frequent questions and answers
What are the minimal requirements?

Hardware and OS requirements.

(Requirements are also detailled in the Microsoft Store)

Is Windows 7 supported?

No, only Windows 11 and 10 64-bits.

Is Windows on ARM supported?


What are the available user interface languages?


Do i need a Workstation?

No. Quantyl is engineered to be fast on standard Windows devices (laptop, tablet, PC). Dynamic sampling is automatically applied in some interactive operations if a convenient framerate cannot be achieved, then the final result is computed when interaction stops.

Our technology is scaling-up with the number of CPUs. Adding cores and memory is always a good idea if you need the best possible performances. Fast SSD disk is also a good option to speed-up projects loading.

Do i need an advanced GPU / graphic card?

No. An integrated graphic card is ok (basic OpenGL support).

A dedicated 3D graphic card is still a plus.

Is it complex to install and uninstall?

No. Single click to install, single click to uninstall.

Quantyl uses latest Microsoft packaging technology to deploy and uninstall its applications. Application is certified, and installation is “sandboxed”, your Windows registry and Windows system dll are unchanged. Uninstall is clean.

How product is updated?

Update is incremental and fast, it follows Microsoft Store practices. 

Only the first install is time consuming, because of samples projects download.

How and where my data are managed? is it secure?

Yes, it is secure, your data stay with you.

Quantyl does not modify any of your data source. Quantyl extracts and updates data from your data sources, and stores this data extract in your project folder. There is no upload in the cloud, except if you decide to put your project on your favorite “cloud” storage drive like OnDrive, Dropbox etc.

How can I share my project(s)?

A Quantyl project is a self-sufficient folder, everything needed is inside. You can create a single file project as a “portable” archive (.zip) and share it with other Discovery users.

Does it support my large datasets?

It is not possible to answer without concrete data and hardware spec (CPUs, memory, cache…). The number and the nature of columns matter a lot, especially strings with large cardinality.

Instead of answering this question, we offer free trial on your own data and a bunch of interesting data samples. We think that the nature and size of those samples (up to 3.1M rows) will give you a good taste on how Quantyl is performing in those kinds of context, in your environment.

If you have some difficulties with the size of your dataset, you can still sample it during import if it makes sense.

How can I bench my hardware configuration?

If you want to compare how Quantyl is performing on different hardware, you can simply bench it to obtain performance scores:

How does it scale with my hardware?

Quantyl scales with the number of CPU cores. As in any multicore solution, it is not a linear scaling (Amdahl law). CPU frequency, amount of RAM and cache size are also important.

At this time, GPU hardware does not impact performances a lot.

What is the best screen resolution to use the product?

Pixel density of your screen should be under 150 PPI.

a 27 ” screen with a 2560×1440 resolution is ideal (109 PPI).

If you have a 4K screen, it should be >= 32″ or use upscaling in Windows. When upscaling, prefer multiple of 2x if possible.

Quantyl is High DPI aware and some settings are available in the Windows ribbon of the app.

Where is the product documentation?

The User guide is hosted online as a .pdf (Products\Support).


Why a Microsoft Store application?
How to upgrade and purchase my Edition?

From within Quantyl Discovery application: File menu / Upgrade ..

(!) You need to be signed in to the Microsoft store to activate your license.

What is installed exactly?

The installed package includes:

Do i need to give my credit card to try the product(s)?


Quantyl Discovery  U N L I M I T E D  Edition trial period starts automatically at the first launch.

Can I read my own data in the trial version?

Yes, the trial version has no limitations ( U N L I M I T E D  Trial). You may even use Python or R scripts if you wish.

When the trial version expires, the app switches to Free Edition automatically.

The Free Edition has some limitation with the number of data rows you can import and save per table. But your content created during the trial period is free forever, with all the rows initially imported. 

Is my data supported?

Quantyl support tabulated data (numerical, text, date) from large text files (.csv) or database (ODBC 64-bits connector). A Python script importer is provided to support different type of files (.json, xslx, parquet, etc). This script may be extended with the convenient packages to support your specific data. 

For other kind of data support, you can use simple Python or R scripts to import and transform data directly into Quantyl Discovery. .py and .r scripts are provided to guide you in this process (in [your documents]\Quantyl\Scripts). Python and R have a very large data science ecosystem, free connectors are available for many data sources.

Do i need to be connected to use the product(s)?

Not permanently. Purchased Editions use a license cache mechanism to work offline (including the subscription one).

How to renew my offline cache license?

You’re offline cache license is linked to your current Edition. 

To update your offline license, you simply have to launch Quantyl Discovery with an active internet connection. 

Each time you connect with an active online subscription detected, your offline license is updated for the next 15 days.

I have multiples devices, how licencing works?

You have nothing to do except installing the product on your different machines under the same microsoft acount.

License is attached to your Microsoft Windows User Id. You can install the software on all your devices (up to 10). When you acquire a new laptop for example, your license is ready to use (NO license migration needed). 

You can even deploy automatically the application on all your devices through the Micorosoft Store.

What happens to my content if your product(s) is discontinued for any reasons?

You will always have access to your content, even if our service and website is shutdown. The base license of our product(s) is perpetual.

Do your product(s) rely on webservice(s)?

No. You, your data, and your machine, that’s it.

What version(s) of Python or R are supported?

Quantyl is not linked to a specific version of Python or R.

You may just point the Path of your Python or R install and it should work. You may launch scripts and the interpreter directly from the Quantyl user interface, or you can use simple APIs to exchange data between your IDE environment and the current Quantyl session.

Quantyl APIs ( and quantyl.r) are provided in [your documents]\Quantyl\Scripts. Use and quantyl.write() async APIs.

Do I need a live access to my data to use the product?

No, you don’t need live access to your data to open a Quantyl project, because we are working on data extracts which is embedded in the project.

Indeed, you need to access to your data during import and update phases.