Even it it took years to develop the technology, Quantyl Discovery is a rich but still young product. 

Solving ASAP remaining glitches and bugs is our top priority. Since October 2019, app update integrate BugSplat technology to perform precise crash report. If you get a crash, please send us the generated report, it will help us a lot to improve Software quality. Basically it shows us where the program crashed with the callstack. Important: Your data (tables) is not sent with the report.

hot topics first:

Known issue(s), workarounds and plan to fix

If we can reproduce your scenario, we will do our best to fix it ASAP.

Do you use the last application update?

In the microsoft store application, search and open the Quantyl Discovery page.

Installed App should be updated if it needs to.

Did you check the Requirements page?

How to manage my Quantyl subscriptions?

Quantyl subscriptions are linked to the Microsoft account used to purchase the product:

https://account.microsoft.com/services/       (you have to sign-in with you Microsoft Id)

You manage your Quantyl subscriptions from your Microsoft account directly. They will appear with others Microsoft Subscriptions you have (Office, other Store apps etc.). You can stop or relaunch your subscriptions from there.

How to renew my offline cache license?

You’re offline cache license is linked to your current Studio subscription. 

To update your offline license, you simply have to launch Quantyl with an active internet connection. 

Each time you connect with an active online subscription detected, your offline license is updated.

Did you check the F.A.Q page?

I need help support:

We will be happy to assist you if you have any trouble with the product. Please be precise about your issue and your environment if you can: Processor (Intel or AMD), amount of memory, type of your data, size of your data.

To fix a problem, we need to be able to reproduce it. All information is welcome: scenario, subset of your data if it is possible.