All in one solution
no coding required

As  a matter of fact, there are many data visualization solutions in this highly fragmented market. They are often cloud based, use web technologies and may be “classified” in 3 main categories:

Quantyl brings a unique data experience with extreme performances in the same immersive environment, from big picture to details. Everything runs on your local Windows device with no latency. It is highly interactive and fast.

Content exploration is basically free. Anyone can install Discovery for free and explore the content you decided to share with them, without any limitations: unlimited rows and unlimited cores.

But words are cheap and selling user experience is hard, see by yourself!

Ask for a user interface not ruled by technical constraints

Those simple questions are legitimate because you should not care about those kind of things. 

User interface should not be ruled by performances considerations or display resolution.

Key differentiators

Engaging user experience

Quantyl does not focus on aggregation, dashboarding and BI (business intelligence). Big grain of fine grain, this is your call.

The value proposal is unique in terms of immersion and usability. You can interact with basically everything displayed: data, charts, graphs, axis rulers.. in a coherent manner. Your graphical environment is truly reactive.

The full zoomable and morphic user interface let you “dive” in your charts without display limitation.

The power of innovation

Quantyl provides an innovative chart system that allows you to structure and overlay charts exactly as you want. It is a 100% zoomable user interface.

It is inspired by morphic user interface (Maloney, J. and R. Smith. Directness and Liveness in the Morphic User Interface Construction Environment. in UIST. 1995. Pittsburgh: ACM). Yes 1995, but please don’t be scared, those ideas were brillant. We bring some of those concepts into data visualization space because they solve a lot of user experience issues of classic UI systems which depend on display resolution.

As you can see, this is not really a new concept here, but we believe that innovation needs perfect execution to be recognized as such.

Private. Your data stay with you

Data analysis is performed on your devices, keeping your data under your control.

Content creation is king

A lot of features, and almost everything is customizable, thousands of properties are available.

Drag’n drop is a powerful tool, but it has some flaws. For example, it ‘s not always obvious what you can drag and drop on what, like dragging a dimension on a field that needs a measure. Drag’n drop is not a self explained user interface. We propose both drag’n drop and contextual menus in our charts.

We animate data, not graphics.

Cutting edge technology: native and fast

We are both technology makers and applications builders.

Quantyl Discovery is a highly optimized native application, engineered to run smoothly on Windows laptops, tablets and PCs. 

Our technology does not rely on any browser engine or third party hardware. Quantyl rely on the standard hardware you already own, and is scaling-up with the number of the CPU cores.

We still believe in non-centralized and autonomous systems (non 100% cloud) to analyse data on site. After so much years of evolution, Mother nature is a connected but decentralized system, each of us has a brain isn’t it?

Free exploration

Your data and content prepared and created in Quantyl Discovery is free to explore for anyone else who install Quantyl Discovery Free Edition.


We make our best to provide high quality software. It takes time and efforts. A lot. We took our time to build a robust infrastructure.

Our software has built-in features to monitor resources (memory), speed (fps), bug reporting and tests.

  • It’s a Microsoft Store application, it passes through the Microsoft certification process
  • We offer a full featured trial version of Quantyl Discovery application. It’s free and secure, no administration rights required
  • No lock-in: We offer both Perpetual and Subscription licenses.
  • Application update is transparent and incremental (SaaS) 
  • Easy and clean installation: It takes one click to install, one click to uninstall